Why Exercise?


Why Exercise?

“It is helpful to think of the brain as a muscle. One of the best ways to maximize the brain is through exercise, movement. Everybody feels better after exercise. There is a reason for it.”

Dr. John J. Ratey, Harvard Medical School


Physical activity adds to the child’s overall education and keeps them from becoming obese as so many children and adults are in this country. Educating the whole body is essential to a well rounded person. Did I mention that the only way that we grow new brain cells is through physical activity? What better way to make use of physical activity than in learning itself. Math, science, social studies, spelling, social skills, can all be enhanced by using activity both in the gym in Physical Education and in the classroom using “energizers”. This will increase your students possibility for success in a variety of “academic” areas; by exercising the brain and the body simultaneously. So why not build those biceps right along with increasing your brain power.

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