Fitness Testing

FITNESS GRAM TESTING  Every school district must assess the physical fitness of students enrolled in grades 3-12.

(TEXAS EDUCATION CODE SEC.38.101)  This assessment must identify aerobic capacity , muscular strength, endurance, & flexibility , and criterion reference standards specific to a student’s age and gender & based on the

physical fitness level required for good health.  (

Aerobic Capacity – Pacer, a 20 meter shuttle run increasing in intensity as time progresses

Muscular Strength- Curl Ups, measures abdominal strength. Max 75

Trunk Lift- Trunk extensor lift, lift upper body  so that we can measure distance between floor & chin

Push Ups- set to a pace, lower body to 90 angle

Flexibility- Shoulder Stretch, with one arm over the shoulder & one arm tucked under behind the back, touch fingers

HEIGHT &* WEIGHT (*confidential)


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