P.E. Important Notes

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                                                                                                                  PHYSICAL EDUCATIONPrimary: TWICE a week for 45 minutes

Intermediate: THREE times a week 45 minutes

*  Two day/week – physical education with Coach Underwood in the gym

*One day/week – healthy bodies with Mrs. Pullen in Healthy Bodies

Rules for Participation

  • Wear sneakers or rubber sole shoes. NO FLIP FLOPS OR STRAPLESS SHOES! Preferably no boots – they are hard to run in.
  • Shorts MUST be worn under dresses or skirts.
  • Two plans for participation:  PLAN A – play the game with all the other children & have fun!

                                                  PLAN B – run a lap, walk a lap for the entire class period.

Plan B occurs after MAJOR rule violations, refusing to cooperate with teacher, after not wearing appropriate shoes for the 3rd time that 6 wks.


If an inhaler is needed for physical activity, please bring an extra one to put in Coach Underwood’s office. (Write name clearly on it, not just the prescription label)

Guideline to be excused from Physical Education

  • A signed note from the parent must be given to the classroom teacher (they will get it to Coach Underwood) explaining the nature of the illness.
  • Exemption from PE IS ALSO EXEMPTION FROM RECESS!!! . It’s considered as part of your child’s physical education minutes.
  • More than three consecutive days of no participation REQUIRES a written excuse from a doctor, this will be given to the nurse.

Behavior Rules

  • Listen and follow directions
  • Stop, look, and listen on the signal
  • Keep hands feet, and other objects to yourself
  • Show good sportsmanship and be respectful
  • Handle the equipment with care

Most importantly…..HAVE FUN & GET MOVING!!!



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